What is STC6000 Series?

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Product Overview

Basic HMI + Control STC6000 has Hybrid HMI equipped with a control function. Combining built-in PLC functionality with an operator interface in a single SW and HW achieves unmatched panel space-saving and engineering efficiency.


Digital output sink type Digital output source type
Display 5.7” (VGA) / 262K colors / Resistive film (analog)
Interface RS-232C/422/485 (D-Sub 9 pin) x 1
Ethernet1 IEEE802.3i / IEEE802.3u, 10BASE-T / 100BASE-TX x 1
USB host type A x 1, USB device Micro B x 1
DIO interface x 1, Expansion module interface x 1
Built-in I/O DIO: Inputs: 16 / Outputs: 16
High-Speed Counter / Pulse Catch Input: Single phase (4-point) / 2 phase (1-point or 2-point)
Pulse / PWM Output: 4-point
External I/O Rear mounting: Modicon TM3 Module: Max 2 units 
Extension mounting: Modicon TM3 Module: Max 3 units *Required Transmitter(TM3XTRA1) and Receiver(TM3XREC1)
<Supported Modicon TM3 Module>
Details Specifications

Use cases

Industrial Washing Machine

Control the speed of the conveyor via a stepper motor. Connect directly to a temperature controller using serial communication to provide details operator information.
65 kHz Pulse Output (build-in feature)


Packing machine

Create simple closed-loop applications by receiving encoder pulses and controlling a motor.Simplified speed control with direct user guidance
100 kHz High-Speed Counter (build-in feature)


HVAC control

Precise temperature and flow control thanks to analog IO and a robust PID algorithm.  Recipe management allows users to select different profiles for flexibility.
Analog Input / Output (TM3 Module)



Adapt to changing systems by adding TM3 expansion IO modules. Flexibility is unmatched thanks for direct or networked operation plus a wide offer supporting different kinds of functions.
DIO Expansion Module (TM3 Module)




We have designed a superior-quality HMI that improves operability and optimizes operations and machine information.  STC6000 with a sophisticated design that transforms the appeal of simple machines.

Simple & Easy

The simple design and easy-to-reach interfaces help increase productivity and efficiency. From installation to operation to maintenance, it is convenient every time.

Simple and easy

Connected & Secured

High connectivity with rich interfaces and user-friendly protocols allows you to connect various devices easily. Strong support for OT – IT integration and remote maintenance. 
*Pro-Sever EX will be supported later.
Connected and secure

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