Pro-face IoT Gateway

By Administrator, 25 April, 2018


Relaying data communication between HMI and PLC (when using the gateway mode)

Connecting without serial communication I/F available

Unnecessary to separately get a serial communication interface available
because of relay between the existing HMI and PLC communication.

Collecting data without changing programs

Connecting without changing programs of HMI and PLC.
Collecting data with communication of the existing equipment retained.

Changing settings on a Web browser

Possible to change Pro-face IoT Gateway settings on a Web browser after installation.

See the GP-Pro EX Reference Manual


Three methods of collecting data

Collecting data

Save data in a SD card as a CSV file.

Transferring data to a PC

Specify PC folders as a storage with the FTP client feature supported.

Sharing collected data with DB

Collect data in a wide variety of forms including Excel. * Data Management Software Pro-Server EX is required.

Remote monitoring is possible

Creating a screen with screen-creation software allows you to remotely monitor machine status with a PC or tablet.

Remote Monitoring Software GP-Viewer EX
Remote Monitoring Software for mobile Pro-face Remote HMI
Remote Monitoring Software for Desktop PC Pro-face Remote HMI Client for Win

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End of Sale : Sep 30, 2024

Pro-face IoT Gateway relays data communication between HMI and PLC!
No port needs to be available! No need of changing programs!

Collect data relaying one device to another!