Expand the STC6000 Series with Ethernet I/O solution.

By Hitoshi Kani, 18 March, 2024

STC6000 Series is a hybrid HMI with control function and has been well-received for its comprehensive built-in I/O (DIO/high-speed counter/pulse catch input/ PWM output) and external I/O support. It enables space-saving and cost-effective machine development.

GP-Pro EX V4.09.550 supports Ethernet I/P for the STC6000 series, and with this new capability, STC6000 users will experience enhanced connectivity and seamless integration, enabling greater flexibility and efficiency in their industrial operations. Support for Ethernet IP further enhances the versatility of the STC6000, providing users with expanded options for remote I/O configurations.


What is Ethernet/IP:

Ethernet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol) is a widely used communication protocol in industrial automation. It is an open industrial networking standard that supports real-time I/O messaging between devices and between controllers and devices. Ethernet/IP is based on the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and uses standard Ethernet and TCP/IP technologies. One of the key benefits of Ethernet/IP is its ability to seamlessly integrate with various industrial devices and equipment, enabling efficient and flexible communication within industrial control systems. It provides a reliable and high-speed communication infrastructure, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

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